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Puori Talks With Helena Christensen

We recently caught up with one of our newest ambassador, Helena Christensen. Not only is Helena a key ambassador for Puori, but she is a world-renowned model, mother, photographer and activist. Not only that but Helena is a health enthusiast hailing from Denmark who is an incredibly strong, inspiring woman who is focussed on leading a healthy life.

There’s nobody quite like Helena. Her dedication, unique skillset and empowering personality make her one-of-a-kind. She works hard and she does so with integrity and an open, yet critical, mindset. The same can be said for Puori and our dedication to clean labelling and transparency in the food supplement industry. This is why we both feel we’re such a great fit for each other.

We sat down and asked Helena about how she manages to stay healthy whilst being so busy. We also ask about her daily routine, as well as how she uses diet, exercise, and supplements to improve her health. 

Puori: How do you manage to stay healthy – and what does healthy mean to you?
Helena Christensen: Healthy means being strong, energetic and active and keeping my body clean. I eat very varied and try to make it as healthy as possible, I work out regularly. I do boxing three times a week mixed with some sprint and yoga sessions. I try to get good sleep as often as possible. 

P: How do you keep fit?
HC: By doing hardcore training sessions 3 times a week, which involves boxing, sprinting, weights, cardio, balance drills. I also swim in the ocean or rivers as often as I can, and I walk a lot with my dog.

P: How do you fit training into a busy schedule?
HC: My schedule is only busy in certain periods so I try to fit it in however I can, but it doesn’t always work out as I would like. When I’m working from home or have time off I make sure I do at least 3 sessions a week of training.

P: What do you feel are the biggest challenges in achieving a healthy lifestyle?
HC: Getting enough sleep. That’s always the one thing that might mess with my days. Also, I eat a lot of food so it’s important that I make sure I burn enough calories. When I’m away on work trips or on holidays I don’t stop eating, but I do stop the workouts. I need to have more willpower about training on my own!

P: What role do supplements play in your daily life?
They give me the extra vitamins and nutrients my body needs that I might not always get through my food intake. I add Puori C3 to a water bottle every morning and it keeps my energy level up throughout the day. 

P: How did you first discover Puori?
A friend approached me about the products and explained to me about the great transparency philosophy behind the company and I decided to try them for myself. They cover every basic need my body has in the healthiest and cleanest way possible.  It was a huge relief to not have to be confused or worried about all the different supplement brands on the market today.

P: Why did you decide to partner up with Puori?
HC: Puori’s mission to create products that are high in not only quality but also safe and transparent for consumers really resonates with me. As a healthy, physically active individual who places a lot of importance on the food and health supplements I take, I understand first-hand how complex it is to navigate health trends and the media.

The Puori Transparency project ensures that every single batch is actually clean and superior, which gives me the assurance I need about their products. And I’m excited to support their journey along the way – creating a great product whilst also pushing an entire industry towards cleaner products based on science. We were destined for a partnership!

P: How do you maintain balance in your life?
I listen to myself. I am very intuitive when it comes to what my body needs physically and mentally. A huge part of my life is about being immersed in nature. That’s something that keeps me incredibly balanced. If I can keep my body healthy by staying active, eating the right food and adding the right supplements, then that’s already a big step towards achieving balance.

P: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
I listen to jazz, classical music and Gregorian chanting from I wake up till I go to bed, on the radio.

P: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
HC: Loyal, curious, peculiar

P: What book would you recommend that everyone should read?
HC: The white hotel by DM Thomas

P: Of all the things you have accomplished or achieved in life so far, what makes you most proud of yourself?
HC: Having created a life, a little new person. It is an absolutely crazy and wondrous thought to have a child

P: What do you always have in your bag?
HC: In my training bag, I always bring boxing wraps so I can wrap my hands for sparing. Although, to be honest, I have started not really carrying bags at all when I am in town. I only bring the necessities, which I either put in my pockets or hide in my bra. I only carry money or credit cards, a lip gloss, and my phone.

P: In addition to good sleep, training and supplements, do you do anything special to look good – what beauty tips can you share?
HC: Lots of sleep, plenty of water, nature and physical activity. It sounds a bit like a cliché, but that's what makes me happy and healthy. Oh, and of course a lot of good healthy food, as clean and organic as possible.

I exercise about three times a week and practice yoga and swim a lot, mostly in the ocean and in rivers. That kind of activity makes me feel healthy and more positive mentally. I also take good care of my skin, but not in an exaggerated way. I believe the most important thing is to have a relaxed and balanced relationship with one's body and psyche.

P: When do you feel the best?
HC: When I frolic in the sea or a river, preferably alone with my dog. I can spend hours doing that and feel incredible bliss and calmness. It is as if the answers to all deep questions can be found in nature.

P: Who or what inspires you in your daily life?
HC: Everything. I am very present in all situations and take it all in. From films to music and as I’ve mentioned before, in particular, nature inspires me. Right down to the small details.

P: What is your dream(s) for the future?
HC: Not that much different from where my life is now. It is the very small, fundamental things in life that make the biggest changes to me. I’ve never had material or professional ambitions. Perhaps I dream that my childish curiosity will continue and that all those I love will stay healthy.