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Puori Talks With Brent Locey

Puori: How do you manage to stay healthy – and what does healthy mean to you? 
Brent Locey:
Staying healthy to me means not only working out but also having well rounded nutrition, a recovery regiment, and overall balance in my life.

P: How do you keep yourself fit? 
BL: In addition to riding in all the SoulCycle classes I teach (16 a week), it is important to me to cross train with a lifting routine 5 days a week and I try to get 1 day of yoga or swimming in as well.

P: How do you fit training into a busy schedule? 
BL: With teaching 4-5 classes a day between SoulCycle and my own strength and conditioning class, F3, I have to make sure I build in 45 minutes into my day for myself and my cross training.  We all lead very busy lives but if staying fit is a priority for us, I absolutely believe we all have 30-45 minutes to move in some capacity.  We just have to schedule it like any other appointment.

P: What do you feel are the biggest challenges in achieving a healthy lifestyle? 
BL:The biggest challenges in achieving a healthy lifestyle are being truly committed to fitness, nutrition, and recovery.  Doing one well without executing the others will only get us so far.  And we really have to look ourselves in the mirror to ask if our actions have us “all in” in pursuit of our heath goals or are we on and off with our consistency.

P: What role does supplements play in your daily life? 
BL: I am at a point where I am truly starting to commit to a supplement regiment because I want to take the next step in my personal fitness performance but also want to extended the longevity of my career as an active fitness professional.  With how hard I push my body in my own training and classes I teaching I want my supplement regiment to help me continue to promote lean muscle growth, filling the gaps in my nutrition, and also help my body recover and function in the best way possible.

P: What does a ‘clean’ product mean to you in your daily life? 
BL: Clean products mean everything!  We live in a world where so many things are marketed as “health foods” when in fact they include so many additives and ingredients whose impact we don’t know the potential impact on our bodies.  And with ever growing concerns about links to certain foods, additives, and chemicals contributing to life threatening diseases, I want to know that want I’m consuming is the cleanest product possible.

P: Why do you think clean products are important when it comes to food supplements? 
BL: Even if we try to eat a clean, whole foods based diet chances are we are still missing key nutrients and vitamins.  And if we are going to be taking supplements to compliment our nutrition it is so important that those be of the highest quality to allow our bodies to function and thrive.

P: How did you first come across Puori? 
BL: A rider of mine at SoulCycle connected me with Puori because he thought my coaching style and personality would mesh well with Puori’s mission.

P: What is/are your favorite Puori products and why?
BL: My favorite Puori product is the Healthy Essentials multi nutrient pack.  Omega 3s and Magnesium are supplements that I knew I was lacking and these packs make it so easy to start and end my day with these plus the added Vitamin D.

P: How do you maintain balance in life? 
I love what I do for “work” but it is so important for me to find time to spend with my wife, family, and friends.  My wife Aubrey and I have a standing Thursday “date night”.  Fridays after my morning classes I take the rest of the day to relax and recharge.  Saturdays are my day off so I try to explore Chicago or meet up with friends especially during college football season.